Mini Mango

1056-91 Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6X 0P2

Market at Summerside next to Save-On-Foods

780.756.MINI (6464)

  • Sunday 12 to 8
  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday to Thursday 11 to 8
  • Friday 11 to 8
  • Saturday 12 to 8
  • Holidays variable closure

About Mini Mango

Mama Mango

Head Chef, Cang “Mama” Quach’s philosophy is to not only nourish but to nurture. Growing up in Vietnam, she learned to cook at an early age: her mother passed away when Quach was four, and cooking became a way for her to heal. By emulating her mother’s dishes, she reconnected with what she’d lost.

Her working life in Canada has been encompassed by food. From her first job as a kitchen cleaner at the Chateau Lacombe, to her days as a waitress at Boston Pizza, then her run as a head chef at Lemongrass Cafe, food always played a role. All of this, however, was just a precursor for the opening of her own restaurant, the Sweet Mango.

Sweet Mango lasted only three short years before the rights and recipes were purchased by a business partner. Mama’s new vision was to make food even more accessible, humble, and modern. This meant lower prices, a smaller venue, and contemporary delivery. This new vision gave way to Mini Mango.

Mr. Mango

Nghia Truong is the son of Mama Mango. His background is in art and interior design. His adventurous nature took him around the world to see the beauty and variety of life. During his travels, a paradigm shift took place: after seeing poverty and despair that he never witnessed in Canada, he realized his life as a Canadian was like a lottery win. He made it his goal to balance charity with his life’s work.

He jumps at every chance he has to involve Mini Mango with charitable work. The Stollery Children’s Hospital and an orphanage in Vietnam are some of the restaurant’s preferred causes. Food for the soul and to help souls is Mini Mango’s operating philosophy.

Truong translated his creative abilities into bringing Sweet Mango and Mini Mango to life. His obsession with minimalism in interior design paired well with Mama’s simplified concept. With simplicity, the details are important: the fewer there are, the less room for error.

One also sees this eye for detail in the menu: Mini Mango offers plenty of options for specialized diners like vegetarians, vegans and celiacs.

More (or Less) Mango

Small is how Mini Mango wants to grow.  The community has opened its hearts and stomachs to us and we want to continue doing what we do in more places and share this amazing cuisine with the wonderful people of Edmonton. We will also continue to grow our charitable endeavours, to do more for those who have less. More (or less) Mango is on the plate.