Curry Combo

Served lunch time only. A Smaller version of curry, rice & a fountain pop.

Vegan Vietnamese Coffee

All the bold flavours of our original coffee blended with coconut milk and cane sugar.

Tofu Fries

Freshly cut tofu seasoned with a touch of salt, sugar, and spices then pan fried to create a crispy shell. Served with our popular peanut saté sauce.

½ & ½ Roll

Get the best of both world’s with a hot and crispy spring roll wrapped in a cool and soft salad roll

Thai Green Curry

Don’t be fooled by it’s tame colour as it comes from scorching hot Thai green peppers. A spicier and tangier sibling of our Thai Red Curry.

Kids Combo

A half-sized, one colour bowl with a green onion cake and kids-sized drink (kids 12 and under only). (Upgraded drinks possible at added cost).