Curry Combo

Served lunch time only. A Smaller version of curry, rice & a fountain pop.

Bistek on Rice

Comprise of thin slices of beef, white onion, beansprout are stir-fried together in soya sauce and lime juice

Thai Green Curry

Don’t be fooled by it’s tame colour as it comes from scorching hot Thai green peppers. A spicier and tangier sibling of our Thai Red Curry.

Lemongrass Veggies

All-vegetable dish in a flavourful sauce of lemongrass is perfect as a healthy choice.

Wok Fried Rice

A delicious classic of wok fried rice with eggs, peas, and carrots.


A fresh assortment of veggies in a tasty lemongrass sauce.


Mouthwatering sauce of oyster (soy for tofu) and paprika with hearty veggies topped with roasted cashews.

Lemongrass Coconut

A tantalizing saucy coconut base blended with lemongrass and our great selection of fresh wok veggies.

Thai Red Curry

A savoury fluid red pepper and coconut milk sauce with bamboo shoots, Kaffir lime leaves and basil.

Pad Thai

A spicy Thai classic of rice noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, chicken and prawns topped with roasted peanuts and lime. Please note: vegetarian and vegan versions cannot be made gluten free.